I grew up as the oldest child of a military family.  Up until I went to college at San Diego State University, we were rarely anywhere more than three years.  At San Diego State University, I majored in education with a minor in social science. My master’s decree was in special education.

 In the late 1960’s, I began taking art classes from an artist who taught oil painting techniques using the hands.  For five years I created spontaneous expressionistic paintings using these techniques.  During that period, I often demonstrated for groups.

From the mid 1970’s, until I retired in 1999, I focused on teaching my special education students.  Upon retirement, I started taking art classes through Palomar College as well as private lessons. The goal was to create a basic foundation of classical art education.  I used what I learned to create an art program for children, grade K - 6.  I focused on the lives and techniques of the great masters.  I taught this new program for 5 years.

I have extended my own education by working with master artist Rassouli, creator of Fusion Art International. 

My association with Rassouli led me to become a working member of Fusionart International where the focus

is on painting from the heart.  This process has no boundaries of time or culture. I also belong to

Associated Fine Artists of San Diego, La Jolla Art Association, San Diego Art Institute and

San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild and San Diego Art Department

Contact: bmcv1@aol.com