Thank you for coming to my website to learn a little bit about me and how I create my paintings.

Why do I do what I do the way I do it?  Studying the lives and techniques of many artists, led me to take formal art classes.  After that, I still found my heart was linked to the freedom I experienced working with my hands. Because 90% or more of my work is done with my hands rather than brushes, I feel a connection with the color and canvas. I discover endless forms and patterns through the use of color. The painting is an extension of my thoughts and feelings.

I am inspired to create paintings imbued with a loving spirit of joy and beauty. My desire is to bring to the hearts of those who see them, a vision of color that sings to them. It's as if a song in my heart becomes a symphony in paint on the canvas.

Those who have seen and purchased my paintings, always comment on the way the color and rhythm connect with them.

 In the section called, "Evolving Images" you will see a gallery of my larger works, ranging in canvas sizes of 18x24" to 24X48".  Under "Symphonies in Paint" you will see some of my current smaller work, completed on canvases of various sizes up to and including 16x20".  Feel free to ask me about making a painting to a size of your choosing.  I'm always happy to take on commissioned work.